How to convert a Microsoft VHD to a VMware VMK?

Sometime, you have a Virtual Machine in a Microsoft VHD format and you would like to use it with your VMware Workstation application. So this little guide will explain how to perform this operation.



Step 1


Create a working folder on one of your computer drive and paste your VHD file into it.

Step 2


For the conversion, VMware Converter needs a VMC file. A VMC is the configuration file of the Microsoft Virtual Machine, it’s in this file that you the all the settings of the VM.

So, download the VMC file that is available here (, rename the extension to .vmc and paste it to your working folder:

Open it with notepad and edit the path to your VHD file like below:

Step 3


Start VMware Converter 4 standalone

Click on Convert Machine:

  • Select source type : Backup image or third-party virtual machine
  • Virtual machine file : The path to your VHD file

Click on Next and choose the following parameters:

  • Select destination type : VMware Workstation or other VMware virtual machine
  • Select VMware product : VMware Workstation 7.0.x

Click on Next and choose the following parameters:
Adapt the parameters to your need, but be sure that Install VMware Tools is set to YES

Click on Next and review all the information:

Click on Finish and wait the end of the process:

After a few minutes, the process is complete:

Go to your working folder, enter in the new created folder and double click on the .vmx file.

VMware workstation will now start:

Review your Virtual Machine configuration and start your new VM:

After you’re first Log on, Windows will install the drivers related to VMware Workstation, so let the process continue and restart you virtual machine when it’s done:

When all the drivers have been installed and you virtual machine restarted, you will have to reactive your copy of Windows:

When the activation process ended, you could now enjoy your virtual machine with VMware Workstation:



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