How to delete locked file/folder in Windows 7

Have you come across that you can’t delete certain folder or file even you are the administrator?

And you are damn sure that no one is using that folder or file as well. This is very frustrating isn’t it. Well, at least I felt that way.

2 solutions that I come across:

  • Windows 7 (32 or 64 bit) compatible unlocker : lockhunter
  • Take Ownership.

    All files could be downloaded from HERE


If windows keep telling you that you can’t delete or move that folder because somebody or something is using it (even you are the only user on that pc), you may need a nifty application to release that folder or file from OS hand. As for myself (for Windows 7 x64), I use lockhunter. You may get it at : . Best of all, it is a freeware.


But, if Windows keep telling you that you need to have xxxxx privilege from xxxxx in order to delete that file mean you need to take ownership of that folder/file. The easiest way to do so is by adding premade registry entry and take ownership by right clicking on that folder/file.

  1. Download Take Ownership registry : HERE


  2. Unzip it and right click à merge


  3. Go to the locked folder and right click à Take Ownership


  4. Done. Now you can delete that locked folder/file.




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