Quick Fix: Windows 7 unable to join domain…

Source: http://titlerequired.com/2011/03/23/quick-fix-windows-7-unable-to-join-domain/

I was looking at a clients laptop today, brand new Toshiba running Win 7 Pro.

I attempted to join it to the domain using the traditional, system properties / computer name tab method, but i was given a message that unfortunatley i didnt note down, but basically read…

Unable to join the domain, unable to start the service, service may be disabled..

Imediatley i thought of the netlogon service, and i went to the services.msc console and tried to start the netlogon service. It failed, with the message..

Could not start service, service may be disabled…

So, i thought, this is quite bad because the DNS Suffix of the machine has changed, and i dont want to reboot because i could be stuck half way through the join leaving the machine unstable, or worse it wont boot up or let me logon, and working on this remotley would make that a real pain!

So of course i tried again a few times, i then checked UAC settings which were not at the default, but i put them back to default anyway. No change.

I then decided to try and force it back into a workgroup to get out of any potential split issues, and that did succeed,

Welcome to the TEST workgroup!

I then tried to rejoin the domain, this time Success!

Wish i could put my finger on what went wrong, but laptop is now in the domain!


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